Advantages of working with specialists on

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Advantages of working with specialists on
Alexandra Bogaards

Alexandra Bogaards

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30 augustus 2020
  • Legal services are usually non-transparent and expensive. Moreover, not every lawyer is a specialist in what you want advice on.
  • Does this sound familiar? Then keep on reading, as might be the solution for you.
Useful problem solvers on standby

But what do our specialists do? They are experienced problem solvers, who don’t sell you long theoretical advice. They take your problems off your hands and bring you concrete solutions. They are legal professionals, often with years of experience as e.g. attorneys or civil-law notaries. You can call upon them as your own in-house legal counsel on demand. Someone who is fully dedicated to your business.

Tailor-made solutions

Many of our specialists are so experienced in solving a particular problem that they offer as a product on the platform. This way you no longer have to go through a slow and expensive intake process but can immediately purchase a legal solution that works for your specific situation.

Is the solution to your problem not on the platform? Don’t worry! Submit it to our legal support desk. will immediately propose a plan of action. As soon as you agree, we will start working for you.

Always a solution

Because cooperates with a large number of specialists, all with their own expertise and skills, we can always offer people a solution. In most cases faster than they are used to from their own lawyer. As client you get your own personal dashboard where the progress of your products and processes is shown. In this dashboard you stay informed and you can easily interact with our specialists. This way you keep full control over your legal affairs.

Would you like to know how fast, easy and convenient it is to work with A personal specialist is just a few clicks away. Give it a try at and you can submit your legal question or problem here.

We’ll let you know within 24 hours what concrete solutions our specialists can offer and what the costs are.

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