What is blended.law en how does it work?

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What is blended.law en how does it work?
Suzanne Knottnerus

Suzanne Knottnerus

2 september 2020

Legal services are expensive and non-transparant. Entrepreneurs are often surprised with sky-high bills from their lawyer and don’t know where their money goes. This is going to change.

The legal landscape in the Netherlands is characterized by large traditional law firms with a monopoly in the legal profession. There is little room for innovation and competition on the market. Lawyers work with an hourly rate that ultimately leads to high bills and no practical solution.. This is usually not done in consultation with the client but is invoiced at the end of the legal process.

The online platform of blended.law, founded by Jaap Stikkelbroeck and Suzanne Knottnerus, is changing the field of legal services. They believe there are cheaper, more effective and quickest ways for people to solve their legal problems

“People want to know where they’re at. They want to know what the costs are and which solution to their problem they get in return.”

– Jaap Stikkelbroeck

How does it work?

On the platform of blended.law one can find legal solutions in the form of products at a fixed price. The products are offered by specialists who have years of experience in their field of work. Through their knowledge and expertise, they are able to provide a legally defined solution. They know how much this will cost in advance and know what risks there are.

The products all tie in with the daily business of a company. Think about the establishment of a limited company, the termination of employment contracts but also support in the event of bankruptcy.


Transparency is of paramount importance at blended.law. That is why it’s easy for people to compare price, quality and expertise of the specialists on the platform. This way every person will find the best solution to his or her problem. On the website you will also find a lot of knowledge on relevant topics in the blogs. For example, the most common errors in an agreement or the advantages and possibilities of mediation.

The greater purpose of blended.law is to shift the control and power within legal services. Doing so by offering knowledge and opportunities to entrepreneurs and other people. The control must move from the lawyers back to the clients themselves.

“Our mission? In 15 years’ time clients will be able to solve their legal problems themselves.”

– Suzanne Knottnerus

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