Press release – opens helpdesk for employees of

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Press release – opens helpdesk for employees of
Alexandra Bogaards

Alexandra Bogaards

Legal innovation booster
14 september 2020

The legal start-up has set up a helpdesk for employees who have been declared redundant by A team of more than ten employment law specialists is ready to advise them on the termination proposals they received from Booking. An initial legal quick scan is free of charge, and a fixed fee is charged for any request for advice.

Doing something extra

At the beginning of August, Booking announced it would have to radically reorganize as a result of the corona crisis. In a video message, top executive Glenn Fogel announced that a quarter of the people will have to leave. Approximately 17,000 people work at the travel site worldwide, a third of whom work in the Netherlands.

“For the company’s thousands of employees, a rotten time is coming”, says Jaap Stikkelbroeck of “We want to do something extra for those people.”

Free quick scan

Last week the colleagues of started looking at their contact lists. In their network they immediately found ten labor law specialists willing to make a quick scan of the situation of Booking employees free of charge. “After you’ve registered on our site, we’ll ask you to briefly tell us your story. After that, you will receive a free first-line advice. Will your contract be extended or not? When do you need to be informed about this? When can you expect a termination proposal? In case of a contract termination there are all kinds of things you need to be aware of as an employee.”

Visit the helpdesk

Connected to Booking

Co-founder Suzanne Knottnerus emphasizes that is not a philanthropic institution. “We do this because we feel connected to Booking,” she explains. “What does for hotels and b&b’s, we do for lawyers and lawyers.” Founded in 2018, is an online platform where attorneys, notaries and lawyers offer services at fixed prices. “Without fear of sky-high bills, you’ll find the expertise you’re looking for with lightning speed. That’s what we do. Right now, right in front of people from Booking.”

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