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Advice on termination proposal for employees

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NL EN is going to reorganize. This means that many employees will receive a termination proposal. This proposal describes how the employment contract can be terminated by mutual consent. Your employer needs to agree with you on a number of important matters. Think about the amount of your severance pay, the notice period and the non-competition clause. The agreements you make with your employer are described in a settlement agreement. On our helpdesk you can have this agreement thoroughly checked by an employment lawyer. There is no need to worry about lawyer’s fees. There is always a fixed rate of € 620 (excl. VAT).

Together with you, our employment law specialist will check step by step whether the agreement complies with the law. Are all wage components included in the transition fee? Isn’t the non-competition clause far too broadly formulated? This will give you all the information you need to make a well-considered decision about accepting the proposal. Please note that you are often given very little time to respond, sometimes no more than a week. So don’t wait too long before calling our helpdesk. Click on the blue button. You will be taken to a screen where you can register on our site. This registration does not oblige you to anything. After logging in (and confirming your email address) you will be taken to our chat page where we ask you to briefly explain your situation. Tell your story, click send and you will hear from us immediately!

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What exactly does the product contain

This product consists of legal advice from an employment law specialist regarding the termination proposal you receive from Based on the social plan, your employment contract and your personal circumstances, the employment law specialist will check the settlement agreement that will be submitted to you. If desired, you will receive feedback on the text of the agreement twice. In addition, you can have a 30 minute personal consultation with the specialist by telephone or video call.

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Advice on your termination agreement

Have you received a termination proposal and do you want to be sure of your case? Then have the proposal checked by an employment law specialist. With this legal advice process you will get answers to these questions:

  • Am I rightly declared redundant?
  • Has the correct notice period been observed?
  • Has the amount of my transition compensation been calculated correctly?
  • Has it been clearly established that the initiative for the termination of the contract does not come from me but from the employer?

More questions? Feel free to ask your employment law specialist during the personal consultation that is part of this advisory process.

Get advice Free of obligation
From 620,- 750,20 incl. VAT
From 620,- 750,20 incl. VAT
Get advice Free of obligation
Product information
Arbeid & ZZP
Price range
620,- / 620,-
Delivery time
1-4 werkdagen
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Completely online
Target audience
Dutch & English
15+ jaar
Noord-Holland, Amsterdam scoort 4.6 Ster - Google reviews
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Carlos Oliveira

Carlos Oliveira - Start up ondernemer Bwaiter always goes to that extra mile on the work that gives us entrepreneurs the confidence we need for our legal and tax matters. Their service is so customer-centric that gives us the sense of proximity and closeness which is always good for business.

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Dankzij de online omgeving van blended, kon ik chatten met mijn advocaat over de afhandeling van mijn incassodossier, én konden we heel makkelijk relevante stukken uitwisselen. Die laagdrempelige communicatie heeft ontzettend veel tijd bespaard!

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Maarten Smits - Connect 2 Africa B.V.

Blended.Law heeft ons snel en zonder veel moeite aan een goede en betaalbare notaris geholpen. De afwikkeling was snel en eenvoudig via hun portal. Zeer aan te raden aan iedereen die enig juridisch advies nodig heeft.

Irene Muller

Irene Muller - Marketing directeur

Ik heb heel fijn samengewerkt met en de specialist. Het was snel, klantvriendelijk en was duidelijk over de stappen en doelstelling en prijs! Volgende keer ga ik zeker weer naar blended.

Jeroen van Hasselt

Jeroen van Hasselt - Start up ondernemer is enorm meedenkend en toegankelijk voor ondernemers. Ik ben persoonlijk, snel en naar tevredenheid geholpen. Er is altijd overleg mogelijk over zaken die je zelf kan oppakken en ze zijn flexibel in wat je wilt uitbesteden. De missie van is geweldig. Precies de innovatie die de advocatenwereld nodig heeft!

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